The challenge is in the rest

Week 1-2 of running seems a bit of a blur as I write this now.  My first two days were monumental to say the least.  It felt incredible to get started and my emotions were certainly all over the place but there comes a time then when you have to just get in the zone, get a routine and make it a lifestyle.  I had decided that the first week would be just running, no training yet, just get out there and move those legs.  And so I did.  I believe I took a 2 day rest after my second day.  It was hard to get the motivation to get out and run again but at the same time I was completely deprived of sleep.  My son was waking up a lot in the night and then he got his first cold.  I couldn’t sleep when I knew he couldn’t breathe.  How can you run when you’ve had no sleep?  Well you don’t, so I didn’t.

I took the “rest” period to get myself a good ipod application to help me train.  I have no clue about how one trains for a half marathon.  Where do I start?  How long do I run for?  How do I get to the place where I can actually breathe normally?  I couldn’t get the apps to download, which delayed me again.  I didn’t want to run until I had the app.  Silly, I know.  In the meantime I went shopping.  I need the right clothes (or so I told myself).  I bought some breathable socks, a new breathable and slightly cute pink adidas running top.  I’m really hoping that in 9 weeks it will look much cuter on me.  I tried on various pants and shorts.  No way!  Not getting my legs out until there is a considerable difference in them. Okay, now that I’ve seen myself in the mirror of the changing rooms, trying on running gear that’s clearly designed for the expert runner, the super toned and tanned leggy exercise freak is no longer enjoyable.  I thought about the underwear affair…people were running 5K, 10K, 21K in their underwear?  U-n-d-e-r-w-e-a-r.   Yep, that’s Vancouver for you. There I was looking for a supportive sports bra for my…hmm what’s a good word for them…nope…there isn’t one…they’re just huge and annoying.  Thinking about running publicly in my underwear was just scary.  Isn’t that everyone’s nightmare?  Not when you exercise a lot. Hmm…Now I have a new motivation…I will look good in these clothes and my underwear!!  Why was I getting so hung up on the way I look, having the right clothes and the right training application? Can we say distraction?!  I’ve got to shift my focus and get running again.
Once I finally managed to get a bit more sleep I headed to my parents place.  They have a gym, a jacuzzi and a swimming pool.  I took my sister down with me and we both started running on the treadmills.  This was actually fun.  We put on the tv, listening to our own music and got in the zone.  Occasionally we talked and laughed.  This was much more interesting than the strenuous stretch of my first few days of running.  As I ran beside her I saw the distance counter reach its first kilometer.  Yes!  I just ran my first K.  I kept running and covered some good ground.  I finished at 3.55km in 35minutes.  I was going to run a little bit further when I saw my daughter bite my sons finger and tears ensued.  Okay time to stop and get back to life.

I took the next day 2 days off (I left my workout gear and runners at my mum’s…doh!).  I need to run I need to run I need to run.  Okay back to the treadmill.  Babysitter available and here we go!  This run was my most exciting.  I headed down to the gym by myself and there were two young, attractive men working out on the weights.  Here comes me, with my jiggly bottom about to jog very slowly and pant very heavily.  Intimidating.  I got on the treadmill and started fiddling around with my ipod. Selecting the songs for my workout playlist proved to be a good diversion from thinking about these 2 men seeing all my wobbly bits as I ran.  I started walking and got in the zone.  After I moment, I realized that they were just boys and I was a Woman. W-O-M-A-N  (yes I just sang that).  A woman with a cause.  I didn’t care what they thought about me.  I’ve recently had a baby.  I’m getting my body into shape and I’m running for Living Hope.  Who cares what anyone thinks about my jiggly bits!!  “I’m going out tonight.  I’m feeling alright.  I’m gonna let it all hang ouuut” (see song below)  Yay.  I don’t have to care about that.  How freeing.  I turned on the tv and put it to silent.  “My sister’s keeper” was on.  I listened to my music and ran.  It was definitely a lot easier pushing on when I had something interesting to watch.  I kept going and it began to feel a lot easier and very enjoyable.  I watched as the kilometers were counted and I reached my 5k mark!  Huge achievement for me.  I actually wanted to keep going and so I did.

Time: 42 minutes.  Distance: 5.45Km. Calories: 330. I felt like I was floating in the clouds.  I had the biggest smile on my face and I felt like I could do anything!  These endorphins are wonderful! (Side note:  If you suffer from depression just start running every day)

I had a day come up after that which I was planning on not running for.  It was a busy day.  I had been running around with the children, getting groceries, preparing a long awaited healthy meal and we had laundry going at the same time.  There was no way I could squeeze in a jog…or could I?  It was 20 minutes till the laundry was dry, 7 minutes till the oven needed to be turned off.. Honey.  Turn the oven off when it beeps.  I’m just stepping out for a quick 15 minute jog. And so I did.  That felt good.  So this is how I juggle motherhood and training for a half marathon.  Excellent.  You just run when you can.  That took the pressure off.

The challenges in the rest no longer lay in getting motivated but in allowing my body to take a break before I pushed myself harder.  I found myself waking up and thinking about jogging.  When can I get out there?  I have to run today.  Today is rest day?  But I want to run!  It’s becoming addictive.  The endorphins are addictive but even more so is running with purpose.

Goal by the end of the week is to run 7K.  Maybe I’ll run it today.


One thought on “The challenge is in the rest

  1. Wonderful to read your progress … I hear ya on trying to find time in-between Mommy moments. A three-month-old? Grace, sista. I had to do my 35min run on Tue and the day just wasn’t turning out the way I’d hoped. Finally I loaded all the kids up on their bikes and headed to the park. They biked; I ran. It started pouring while we were there, so we had to run/bike home. One fell; another’s training wheel came off … I ran home and threw my arms in the air in victory … I did 34minutes. It wasn’t perfect, but it was my best. I guess this is how is Mamas have to do it. // I look forward to reading more.

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