I was born in England, raised by an N. Irishwoman and Bradford englishman, lived in Germany for a few years as a child (where I picked up a bit of an American accent) and immigrated to Canada 10 years ago.  Married a Canadian and had 2 beautiful children with him, separated from Canadian man.  I now live in Vancouver where I survive as a single mom, actor, director, writer, and more recently student.  In 2009 I co-founded a company called EVE Entertainment with my best friend and created a few short films together.

Life is busy and challenging and being an Englishwoman living in Canada has had its struggles and its joys.  I can feel so different and alienated at times and I know my bluntness and honesty isn’t always appreciated but I have great friends and the support of my family (most of the time)…and once in a while I meet another English person and feel at home again (unless they’re one of the snotty ones from the southeast – that’s where I’m from)

I love: my children giggling, sleeping in, red wine and jazz music, watching a good indie film, period films, walking through a rose garden, great food, listening to the rain, quiet moments by myself, traveling to Europe, 1940s films and style, good friends, the VSO, theatre, laughing till I cry, writing, directing, acting, overcoming fears.

I hate: sound of scratching nails on a chalkboard, spiders, cat & dog poo, dirty bathrooms, snoring, most of all bullies.

Hidden dreams: To be an opera singer, own my own restaurant, be a neurosurgeon,  a psychologist, start a summer school for troubled teens to use drama as a form of therapy (or just escape to), own a vineyard that produces high quality wines, retire in Italy.


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